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Dreaming BIG

This city is something else. I could just walk around here for ages without gettin' tired. This is already been a week since I last landed in NYC and I love every waking moment of it. I can go wherever I want. Don't need to worry about nobody on my back.

A lot of people though, It's easy to get lost.

I feel like you can die on the street and nobody will care. Sounds heavy I know, but this is how it is here. You walk past people you'll never see ever again. And they will never see you. It's ok I guess, but it is scary when you think about it for too long.

Ya know, I did noticed one thing that I like in particular about the big apple - It got some pretty good darn pizzas. Since last week I think I bought at least two slices a day.. They're just too good.

Knowing it sounds crazy but I'm still gonna write it, I kinda wanna open my own Pizzeria..

Here's a picture I took on Broadway st. This morning. The dude was a bit pissed from the flash but we got it sorted out at the end.

Check out that fire.. I really got a good angle don't I?

Feel free to comment name suggestions to my future pizza place XD


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