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Central park is too large

So today I walked in this park for over 5 hours. Really, no kiddin.

This place just didn't end. Started walking around noon. Ya know I live nearby so I thought 'why not?' Well I'll tell you why not - This place is infinite. Trees EVERYWHERE

I thought I would love the trees but I hate them. And also couples everywhere. I still don't know anyone here so maybe that's why I don't feel belong but it was a nightmare. I had to get my groceries done by 5.30 PM and the entire thing had to be delayed.

I went over that bridge and took a picture

Feeling a total creep. Maybe I should just find a girlfriend. Though that would be a first.

I don't get it.. I should love the trees.

Why are they make me so anxious?!

I swear in my future pizzeria I will not have a single plant. Just employees.

I got back home right after I took the pic. Still feeling like a creep.

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