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An infinite city

That's what it is. A city that doesn't end. I'm surrounded by so many people, and nobody knows who I am. I want to get someone's attention and yet I don't want to be thought of as one of those homeless people. That's low.

I haven't got out of my apartment all day. I think I'll just stay indoors for today.

That lady from across the hallway had a fight over the phone, couldn't stop myself from eavesdropping on here once I noticed she was talking about me. And boy she said some nasty stuff alright. About the smell of my apartment. About my looks. About me coming out of 'nowhere'.

Like... I dunno maybe I'm crazy but I'm still new here . And I don;t know anyone yet. So why be so darn mean?

That's life I guess.

I got so many things I need to figure out;

Look at my desk, it's a mess.

Any good suggestions on how to get my life straight?!?!


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